Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Happy 1st Anniv Kira & Miu+Happy Birthday Yami

Happy 1st Anniversary Kira & Miu (and their genderbends) xD
here, a video for their anniversary~

【UTAU Anniversary】マーシュの双子【DV-01-02-03-04】

Mixing, Lineart, Video by Kairi
Art, Video by Nii

it supposed to be uploaded on 3rd February since their anniversary is on the 3rd but bad connection make it delayed until now orz...

Here's the picture @ dA

UTAU Anniv - Masshu no Futago - DVLoid by *MangAniMania on deviantART

Also Happy Birthday for Yami!!! (although his age will be 16 forever xD)
A little birthday gift for him

February Birthday Boys ewe by ~HiwatariGirl on deviantART

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