What is DV-Loid?
DV-Loid is an UTAU project/group founded and by Kairi and Nii-chan, but not all of DV-Loid are voiced by both of them ;p

How many members of DV-Loid?
Right now, we have 6 main UTAUs,
they are:
1. Tsubasane Yami (翼音 ヤミ) ~ DV-01
2. Tsubasane Kira (翼音 キラ) ~ DV-02
3. Nozomine Miu (望音 ミウ) ~ DV-03
4. Nozomine Katou (望音 カトウ) ~ DV-04
5. Kone Felly (子音 フェリ) ~ DV-05
6. Rokune Cain (六音 ケイン) ~ DV-06

Why DV-Loid?
The D is from the founders real name, while the V is from VocaSelf because at the first they are just VocaSelf/Vocaloid OC before the founders decide to change them into UTAUloid =)

Want to Join Us?
We still recruited new member to be in this group starting from DV-09 (except DV-10, it's already reserved)
Just fill this form
UTAU Name:...
Voice Sample:...
UTAU Design:...
send it via e-mail to dvloid_project@yahoo.com

Don't worry we won't bite if you ask ;D